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Originally Posted by RussP View Post
Then we need to reconcile with this:

I am not certain there may be much to reconcile. If a guy is yelling and screaming creating a disturbance in the lobby of the post office it may be a violation of 39 CFR 232. However just because it is the post office and because there is a specific regulation indicating that one cannot create a disturbance in the post office does not preclude for instance a county officer from arresting and charging in local court the guy who does not even see him who is in the service area yelling that he is going to go get his AK and shoot up the place. 39 CFR 232 does not mean that FSS 877.03 no longer is applicable in the post office lobby.

Presumably we can agree that since FSS 790.06 indicates that one with a Florida license may not carry someplace that is prohibited by federal law means that someone carrying a concealed firearm in a post office in Florida might be charged by local law enforcement in local court in addition to or instead of being charged in federal court.

If a state issued a license under a statute that specifically listed post offices as places allowed to carry, then we might need to reconcile this.

My guess (uneducated admittedly) is that 39 CFR 232 also does not abrogate 18 USC 930.
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