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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
May be but if you're going into a post office for stamps, isn't that one of the official uses of a post office?

This one's going to get into the courts a few times before it's ironed out. Right now even the post office is posting horse feathers with some of the signs actually stating the US Code forbids carry there.
I read the 'official business' as meaning LEO or anyone else carrying in and 'official' capacity.

Part of my job is reading government laws and rulings and redistributing the meaning to businesses in plain language.

Not saying my interpretation is not wrong, but I've had 40 years of deciphering the meaning in government language.

ETA: On the other hand, an couple of years ago someone on another forum did quote a law, separate from the 'Federal building' specifically restricting firearms carry in the USPS. I did leave it open for interpretation as to whether it applied to the customer side of the counter or only to the employee side. Don't remember where it was now, but I do remember just how specific it was, and how surprised I was.

ETA 2: Whoops, there is was up above 232.1

On the other hand, concealed means concealed.

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