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Originally Posted by Nakanokalronin View Post
Not all shops will allow customers to tear down a gun in the store. My closest shop will allow cheaper guns to be field stripped if it's a simple operation but when it comes to the high end 1911s, they won't even let you dry fire them most of the time.

As for used, they'll let you shoot a mag for free at the range but tearing down any 1911 in the store, not at all. I can usually get away with it since I've been going there for over a decade now , but that's only with certain people that work there.
Have them tear it down for inspection, heck I don't care who takes it apart as long as I can inspect the internals. If the shop declines they obviously don't want my business. Do you buy a car without popping the hood? If you do buy a weapon without looking at it you deserve what you get.
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