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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
And I'm sure you won't mind the Glock quality (or the lack there of) that will come with the lower price?

They cost more because they are made better. Detractors can say what they want otherwise but it doesn't make it any less true.

Don't like the price? Then spend your money elsewhere since these gun's aren't for you.

There are those of us that will gladly shell over the extra $$ for quality.
That is a complete lie. The polymer frame of the USP45 was much more easily scratched and damaged than any Glock I've ever had. How is that better quality?

Frankly I'd just like to see HK stop overcharging for their guns. The fanboy mentality of getting more for your dollar is just that. Fanboy mentality. Stop with the poor design, make them striker fired, stop using poor quality plastics, and stop treating the civilian market in the US like an afterthought.
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