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Originally Posted by DaBurna View Post
I know it's a HUGE "NO-NO!!" I had someone admit to me he did accidentally as he was out running errands and such... He got to the counter to buy a book of stamps... Then it hit him as he went to get the money out of his pocket.... An LCP!!!

He played it off and no one notices. Needless to say the SCARE of his life....I told him "U dodged a bullet today dude!!"

I told him "LESSON LEARNED" stop, think, and read signs! In addition OBEY FEDERAL LAW!! I liken his experience to a kid cutting the tag off a pillow or mattress!

Be careful & stay vigilant fellas!!
Don't you agree that it would be very stupid to stop the car, take the gun off the belt in plain view, place it in the trunk, walk in the post office for thirty second and ten feet, open the box, and then walk out, open the trunk, grab the gun, reholster without shooting yourself etc? Wouldn't it be smarter to leave the darn thing in the holster, walk in ten feet, grab your mail and walk out?
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