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Originally Posted by Beware Owner View Post
Why so much hate?
No hate at all. It's kind of like telling your children there is no Santa. Eventually they just need to grow up and hear it.

Did Rome happen before or after Job? I'm forgetting my history here.
Do you actually read the Bible? God sent Satan (In this book he's the prosecutor... not the oppressor) to test Job's faith. This was not the prince of darkness and Lord of the Pit. This was one of God's council. Like I said... "The Devil" was invented much later.

As a Christian I was taught to look at Job as a lesson to not question God. Even if things in my life were bad, who was I to question the will of the all mighty. But if you really read Job you see God doesn't care at all about people. We're just his play things. He'll grind up a devout man just to prove a point. And this all knowing God was actually kinda shown up by Satan. Satan WAS able to break Job.

And what does it even mean to say "Did Rome Happen?" That's like asking did New York happen? What does that mean?

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