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Originally Posted by TK-421 View Post
I've been thinking about getting a super tuck for my concealed carry holster. It's gotten nothing but positive reviews, as far as I can find, which I like. But I haven't heard very much about their gun belt. How do you like their gun belt? Is it an accurate fit? Does it look nice? Any complaints about it? Was it worth the cost? Is there a cheaper alternative that is just as good? I'm contemplating buying the gun belt from them when I get my holster, but if it's a crappy belt, which I highly doubt from so many positive reviews, but, ya never know until you try it, or know someone who has it.
I absolutely love the gun belt. I'm actually more impressed by the workmanship on the belt than I am the holster. I normally wear my belts real loose so I just got the same size and its perfect. I can Go two holes smaller or larger when I'm carrying. If you follow their instructions on sizing you should be golden.

The belt is extremely thick. What sold me on it was the lifetime warranty. I go through belts like crazy so I know at some pointing going to need this replaced. Not because the belt isn't built like a tank but because like everything eventually it will wear out. The finish is very nice on it. It doesn't look much different than a quality belt from Wilson's leather but it is pretty stiff to hold up a gun very nicely.

Hope this helps. If you have any. More questions please ask.
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