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Originally Posted by steveksux View Post
Am I following you correctly? It sounds like there IS no official local LEO business that can be conducted in the Post Office due to jurisdiction (absent agreements with the local agencies).

If that's the case, then the "official" business clause would seem to apply to "official business" regarding what's done at the post office, i.e. buying stamps vs the other interpretation "LEO on official business" at the PO.

I had always thought the "official business" clause referred to LEO in uniform performing official duties.

My guess is that it'd be treated like private property, the local LEOs are not allowed in the post office for official duty unless they're invited in.

My advice would be to call up your local police station, using the non-emergency number, and ask them. I'm sure they'll be the ones that will be able to give you a definitive answer, since they're the ones you'd be dealing with if you get in trouble for carrying in a post office.

But if you consider a post office to be federal property, then I'd call your local FBI office, either instead of, or along with your local police station. Because if it's federal land, and you get in trouble, then you'd most likely be dealing with the FBI.

Either way, we're not going to be too much help here, since we're not going to be the ones you have to deal with if you get in trouble for carrying in a post office.
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