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My H&R came with the "Survivor" stock. Full size with a compartment on the buttstock. has a 21 in bbl.
12 ga, has a nickel coated finish bbl/action making it an all weather shotgun. Added a sling and an elastic shell holder(had to soak in hot water and stretch over the fiber stock.
In the compartment, I keep a small compass, fire/steel mag block, some paper(for tinder)and a whistle/thermometer/compass.
When stocked with slugs, it kicks hard, with buck a little less. Tough gun for $75.00.(used, but not abused)
I have others, but the H&R has earned it's respect. With a couple rounds in my fingers, can be fast loaded if needed. The extractor does throw the shell casing free everytime.
Great guns.
Lt.Scott 14

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