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LOL at some of the responses and what people expect to get a gun for if it has an idiot mark on it.

I've owned numerous 1911's and never had an idiot mark on my guns, except 1 time on a brand new, very tight, Springfield TRP in a stainless finish. The scratch was actually barely noticeable since it was so light and not even that long on the way on the frame, and you wouldn't see it unless the right light hit it.

Point being, me being me, I decided to sell the TRP at a reduced price because of my only small mishap, even though the gun was pristine and only had 70 rounds through it (I wanted an armory kote TRP instead), so I took a considerable, and what i felt acceptable, loss on it by selling the new TRP for $1050. Funny thing was that I had more whiners wanting a LOWER price, than I had interested buyers, even though the high res pics barely showed anything (high res detailed pics). Kind of had me both chuckling and face palming at the same time. Some people are just too touchy.
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