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Originally Posted by Bruce M View Post
And in a huge, perhaps majority of situations, local LEOs absolutely do not need an invitation to enforce laws on private property. In fact one of the laws that is sporadically enforced on private property in this state is Obstruction of Justice FSS 843, which well more than once, has found someone seated handcuffed in the back of a Criwn Vic or Monaco or a couple models in between (and possibly before) when they mistakenly thought they could deny the police entry.
Sorry, should've clarified more. When I said private property, I wasn't thinking home private property. My uncle owns a boat repair shop on land that is owned by the Marina, and they own a huge chunk of land, with a nice road going through it. And apparently the cops won't go down in that area unless they're invited in. Don't know why, maybe it's the only private place where cops won't go, but that's the kind of thing I meant when I said private property.
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