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For what it's worth. I'm going to try something new.

I'm not knocking Crossbreed. I have three of them that I have used for several years. Trouble is, I've had to 'modify' every one of them to get them to suit me.

Now maybe I'm just too picky. But I can't get a good draw grip on my pistol with the standard old Crossbreed ST. Also there were some edges that dug into me. I realize everyones anatomy is different and we all wear different clothes.

But when I was notified that my Boberg was scheduled for delivery in just a short while, I went looking for a holster. I emailed Crossbreed and was told they have no plans to produce a holster for the Boberg in the for seeable future.

I noticed on the Boberg website that Cleveland's Holsters was producing a holster for the Boberg. So I ordered one last week. We'll see how I like it when I get them both and have had a chance to use them for a few weeks.

But it looks to me like the Cleveland people have modified their holster to just about exactly match the modifications I've had to make on my old Crossbreeds.

We'll see. You might want to take a look at the Cleveland website videos.

P.S. I ordered the 'cut' version of the Cleveland.

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