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Originally Posted by ak103k View Post
I didnt realise they had more than one version, so Im not sure which version I have. I got it a couple of years back.

The play in my sights is most noticeable front to back, but there is also some side wiggle as well. As I said earlier, they shoot "OK", its just they dont seem to be as repeatable as the GG&G's, which have zero play.

This is my M&P15T....
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and the sights....
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Very odd...

You have the same, original 15T as I do, but I have a slightly different front sight. Still, those do look like Troys, so it's odd that you're having issues with them. Maybe paint got into the mechanisms and froze the springs that apply tension?

Mine are rock solid, and snick-snick into place and back to folded down.

You might try removing them, soaking them in paint remover, then cleaning and oiling them up real good. Might help.
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