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There's noting you can realistically do with a G19 that you also can't do with a G26. I own both, carrying the G26 in plainclothes and the G19 in uniform. I shoot both equally well. The difference is that my hand hurts after three qual courses (180 rounds) with the G26. With my G19, I'm just getting warmed up at that point.

I can change magazines and give myself a choice of "standard" 10 round, "GAP" 10 round, "Pearce pinky extender" 10 round, "factory +2" 12 round, or use a G19 magazine for 15 rounds. I use the "GAP" magazine for pocket carry (in a DeSantis Nemesis), and the +2 magazine in-gun for belt holster carry. The G19 magazine is always my spare. My "standard" 10 rounders are in my duty bag as emergency back-ups (in a Fobus paddle double mag carrier).

With the change of a magazine, you can turn a G26 into a G19 - for all intents and purposes. The reverse isn't true; you won't be carrying that G19 in a pants pocket holster.

Just my experience - no hate here. I use both the G19 and G26 during my workweek. I'm happy to have weapons custom-tailored to my preferences.
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