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Creative Carry Alternative

I know it's NOT for everyone, but I've carried inside the pants with a SmartCarry for over 10 years.

Cool weather's not here yet, so I can't use a full shoulder rig.

But I would like to utilize the "shoulder holster" concept.

This week I've been using my old, worn SmartCarry system as a quasi-shoulder system but just strapping it across my chest with the Kahr CM9 under my arm.

No, it's not perfect. No, it's not the full, "ActiveProGear" rig (which I just bought and returned). No, it doesn't feel tight and restrictive.

Yes, it's comfortable and it works.

Unless one has to button their top button or wear a tie, it might be an alternative carry system.

And, Woolrich, makes long-sleeve shirts with two fake buttons on the front with magnets in them. That shirt really works. I bought two of them.

Carry Issues

Carry Issues

(cell phone case - mag holder)
Carry Issues
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