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Originally Posted by doc540 View Post
Oh, I understand now.

My shoulder rig is for a Colt CCO and not as concealable as the little Kahr.

A thin undershirt and that Woolrich carry shirt can be worn down here in the swamps without inducing heat heatstroke. :D

I can't conceal the CCO under just a shirt, a jacket or thick, longsleeve shirt, yes.

That makes more sense, I dd not realize you were talking two different guns. I would get a good shoulder rig for the Kahr CM9, if you really like shoulder carry.

Or better yet, get a IWB holster, I can conceal my G23 under the lightest of tee shirt, and shorts. No second shirt required, much cooler that way.

No special shirt required, any shirt will work, tucked in, or untucked, as long as it is not a tight shirt, I'm too old for tight shirts anyway, also too round.

Very hot and humid here in Alabama also.

But like I said above, if you like it, and it works for you, and you already have it, use it.

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