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G35 - 20# spring and non-captured guide rod. TLR3 light.

Federal brass
CCI 500 primer
COL 1.125"

155gr XTP w/ 8.8gr of Longshot = ~1325fps, w/9.6gr of Longshot = ~1400fps (10.0gr is max)

180gr XTP w/7.5gr of Longshot =~1175fps, w/8.0gr = ~1220fps (8.0gr is max)

Longshot + 5.3" barrel = amazing velocity without exceeding SAAMI pressure specs.

No pressure signs but approach top loads with caution. Neither bullet can handle these speeds (core/jacket separation) when firing into water behind 4-layers of denim.

No malfunctions and very accurate.

SDGLOCK23 was correct. With the correct powders, the .40 can crank it out. After reading his postings over the years, I finally got some equipment to load .40, including, longshot powder. It performs just like he said. wow. I'm afraid to try 800x.

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