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Originally Posted by H&K .45 AUTO View Post
I'm going to be the odd man out here, and say that I never was all that impressed with the MAK-90 in their original condition. The only one I ever owned was a PolyTech (a true PolyTech as it said "PolyTechnologies" on the receiver), and it was for the most part... A neat rifle. What it lacked, was the configuration of a true AK that simply couldn't be made up for with all of its' Chinese "awesomeness".

If you can live with the thumbhole stock, and lack of threaded muzzle then I think the MAK-90 is a decent rifle. If you're just going to de-ban it anyway, then I think a $600.00 entry fee is too much to pay, and I'd steer you toward spending your bucks on an Arsenal of some variety or another.
Agree 1000%
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