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Originally Posted by officialaccount View Post
So I have a friend that despite my perfectly functioning BHP that they are an unreliable gun. Anyone here had an experience with this gun being bad? Figure this might finally put him in his place.
Why would you feel the need to "finally put him in his place"?

Does he care, or need, to own a Browning?

Does his opinion, informed or not, really matter to you regarding a firearm you own and use? Really?

I could list any number of folks I've known who carried and used them, or how they were the pistol used by the FBI's HRT in the 80's ... but none of that really matters until any particular example of a pistol has demonstrated itself reliable in the hands of any particular owner/user, while being used with any particular ammunition.

Next thing you know, you'll probably try to convince your friend of the inherent superiority of some brand of motor vehicle over another, or whether his or your girlfriend/wife/SO is "pretty", or some such immaterial point of debate ...
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