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Originally Posted by DRT View Post
G35 - 20# spring and non-captured guide rod. TLR3 light.

Federal brass
CCI 500 primer
COL 1.125"

155gr XTP w/ 8.8gr of Longshot = ~1325fps, w/9.6gr of Longshot = ~1400fps (10.0gr is max)

180gr XTP w/7.5gr of Longshot =~1175fps, w/8.0gr = ~1220fps (8.0gr is max)

Longshot + 5.3" barrel = amazing velocity without exceeding SAAMI pressure specs.

No pressure signs but approach top loads with caution. Neither bullet can handle these speeds (core/jacket separation) when firing into water behind 4-layers of denim.

No malfunctions and very accurate.

SDGLOCK23 was correct. With the correct powders, the .40 can crank it out. After reading his postings over the years, I finally got some equipment to load .40, including, longshot powder. It performs just like he said. wow. I'm afraid to try 800x.
Longshot does put up some good numbers. I'm going to load some 165gr JHP Montana Golds with Longshot today and see how they run. Thanks for the report with your G35. I've been seriously kicking around the idea of getting one myself.

Gen4 G23
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