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Today, I saw little, small, baby step improvements, more discernible to me because it's been four days since I saw him.

He did one thing that, well...

Mrs Da Law came. She talked with him. Held his hand. He woke up. She was holding his hand. After a few minutes, he started touching the wedding rings he'd picked out for her 11 years ago. He just rubbed them with his finger. She put her head on his shoulder. Da Law lifted his head, turned it a bit and leaned against her head.

We have a very long, long way to go on a very bumpy road.

Two of Da Law's Sergeant's came by today. I know one, another cop's cop. That's another long story.

Both offered their help and prayers. One said to me, "He's a good cop, a real good cop." I said, "Yeah, I know. He's good in many ways." They both nodded.

He's my friend. He's a cop.

Please keep the prayers coming. I send Mrs Da Law the view count every night. You do not need to post, just view, then say a prayer, for another cop.

Thank you, very much...
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