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Originally Posted by Glock36shooter View Post
You don't get to make rules.

One example of each.

Historically: Luke tells us that when Jesus was born, Agustus was conducting his census (which was Josephs reason for returning home) and that Quirinius was governor of Syria. This is impossible if Herod was alive because the governorship of Quirinius in Syria didn't take place until as many as 10 years after the death of Herod. If Christ was born during the governorship of Quirinius then the fleeing from Herod to Egypt never occurred as Herod would have been long dead. If the mash up between Herod and Christ happened... Luke is a liar. This is the only place in the Gospel where one of the writers attempted to pinpoint the time in which Christ was born... and they got the historical details wrong.
Imagine the logistics of that. Everyone has to stop what they're doing and walk to the city of their births to register for a census. What if they didn't? How would anyone know? Wouldn't it have been simpler and more accurate to have local officials count the people in the cities where they lived. The census story is obviously made up to have Jesus born in Bethlehem.
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