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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Quirinius may have twice ruled over/governed Syria, once around 7 BC and then again once more around around 7 AD, which this supposition is wholly supported by certain other inscriptions from that timeline.
What evidence is there for the earlier term as governor of Syria? How do you reconcile this supposed term with his known presence in Galatia during the last decade BCE?
Simply put, Luke's word pṛtos is in recollection of the first census in 7 BC, rather than the one you are referring to which took place in 7 AD.
What evidence is there for such a census? Is there any record of a census being taken in Palestine in 7 BCE, as there is for the one in 7 CE? Is there any record of people being required to return to their ancestral homes, as the Bible claims, in either 7 BCE or 7 CE?
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