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Originally Posted by Roering View Post
Interesting Topic.

Scripture does not say that Quirinius was the governor of Syria at that time. What you are looking at in Luke 2:2 is an interjection in the scripture from the translator. Many times they will add things and really would be better off leaving it alone. Sometimes they are kind enough to put it into parenthesis. Luke 1:1 that speaks of Augustus however is original text. Seeing as Augustus ruled from 63BC to 14AD this fits the timeline.
This alternative view would require that a different census, under a different governor, during the reign of Herod. Is there any evidence of such a census? As for Luke 2:2 being an interjection by a translator, are there any known copies of Luke that do not include the passage?
By the way, it's not meant to be a science book.

To be fair, Peace Warrior is the one who claimed,
Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
I used to understand your sentiment, even though it is severely misplaced, as I too came as a "doubting Thomas" to the Word of the only living G-d; however, the Holy Bible is the only "literary work" has neither been proven wrong scientifically, nor has It been proven wrong within Its own scriptural context.
It seems fair to challenge him to defend that assertion.
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