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Originally Posted by SouthpawG26 View Post
The grip and capacity of a G19 is just a 15round mag and an Xgrip sleeve away...
Carry Issues

In my hands, the Xgrip compact-to-subcompact sleeve, creates the best grip I've ever had on a Glock of any size or caliber (ie, I like the grip better than that of a G19 or a G17).

Especially for one handed shooting.

I attribute this mostly to that pinky recess molded into the Xgrip.
Just wanted to say I agree with this as well. The 26-19 X-grips feel great. I can't stand the feel of a G-19. The +2 mags are OK I guess. I just use GAPs and at times the 19 X-grip set up. Works great AIWB!

Nice combo you have there OP. I would def move that holster up to 3-4 though. That SOB draw stroke must be brutal.
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