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Originally Posted by Crazy4nitro View Post
I have 5# of 1992 stock BD. I have been looking for a load so I can Burn some of it up.
I Love the 125's in the .357 with a Heap of H110 to Burn.
I have Used BD in the .41 as well but I never found a load I liked.
Once again...I found myself reaching for H110.

I've used Blue Dot and H110 for years and I love both of them. I used Blue Dot years ago when working up some very stout 110 grain 357 loads. I never had any real problems, other than some slightly flattened primers. I did get some very high velocity, wicked accurate rounds though. Even though I've never had any problem, I'll never use BD for 125 Gr. 357, due to this warning... even though it doesn't make any sense to me, I won't try to second guess the factory that made the powder.
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