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Originally Posted by Eagle1 View Post
so with the non dipped extractor, you are still getting bttf? If so, what does it matter if you get a dipped or non dipped extractor then?
It seems the Gen 4 guns are easier to fix in this respect. The new extractor seems to be doing it in most cases, based on posts here and elsewhere. Also the Apex extractor seems to work pretty well in the Gen 4 guns from what people are reporting.

The Gen 3 guns seem to be a thornier problem. Apex is trying to develop an extractor specific to the Gen 3 guns. People trying the new non-dipped Glock extractor on their Gen 3 guns aren't having as much luck. I don't think anyone knows exactly why as yet.

FWIW the new extractor made a huge difference in my Gen 4 G19.
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