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Originally Posted by Eagle1 View Post
so with the non dipped extractor, you are still getting bttf? If so, what does it matter if you get a dipped or non dipped extractor then?
Yes, no question. BTF. I am an experienced Glock shooter (17, 19, 21, 23, and 27). I'm not stressed out about this because I live about 15 miles from Smyrna. Planned diagnoses is as follows

A. Test with extractor, load bearing / spring, FP safety and spring from a 2005 G17 this Saturday

B. If I still have issues, back to original parts, then swap to new gen 4 ejector comming from MidwayUSA

C. If I still have issues, add the group A 2005 parts with the gen 4 ejector

D. If I still have issues, off to Smyrna
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