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Originally Posted by Tallyglock View Post
Just saw this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents. I purchased a brand new Gen III 21SF three weeks ago and took it to the range and shot a wide variety of ammo. I lost count after 30 to the face. The one thing I found odd was that all the brass was scorched and I mean really burnt on one side of the casing. I showed it to my armorer and he was thinking the casings were not sitting properly in the barrel. Sent it back to Glock at the begining of the month and called to find out the status of the pistol. I was told the pistol could not be fixed and I was being sent a new 21SF.

I'm having a similar situation with my brand new 17. Brass flying straight back but also a feed issue. your post about the scorched casings reminded me that mine also appeared bunt on on side.

Here is a pic of my feed problem:
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