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Originally Posted by hammeredbean View Post
Would you mind sharing some of your sp101 loading/chrono data for any (all) your favorite sp101 loads? Since I posted about 10mm, I have infact decided to stay with 357 magnum. It would be much appreciated. Message me if it is not appropriate tp post it here. Thanks!

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357 Mag:

Remington 125gr JSP: 1451 fps avg

Winchester 145gr STHP: 1255 fps avg

19gr H110 140gr Rem SJHP: 1274 fps avg

135gr Speer "Short Barrel" Gold Dot (lists 990 fps):
Avg: 1102 fps

125gr Remington Golden Sabre (lists 1220 fps):
Avg: 1238 fps

110gr CorBon Gold Dot (lists 1500 fps):
Avg: 1382 fps

38 Special +P:

Federal 158gr +P LSWCHP (38 Special): 869 fps AVG

135gr +P Speer "Short Barrel" Gold Dot (lists 860 fps):
Avg: 999 fps

158gr +P Buffalo Bore LSWCHP (lists 1000 fps and BB claims almost 1150 from 3" SP101):
Avg: 1098 fps (2fps extreme spread!)
(PMC 158gr .357 went 1154 fps...only 55 fps faster!)
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