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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
Smoked casings are caused by a light load that does not obturate the brass in the chamber completely. Commonplace with crappy range ammo. If you're getting brass to the face you need to improve your grip & shooting style & perhaps use better ammo. If you care to waste your time then wade through the ignorant threads on "BTF" posted by people who are either totally incompetent with a handgun or merely some FNG with little proper training.

With all due respect fellas, now knowing what causes cases to be "smoked" shows to me that you are not seasoned shooters. Go take a lesson from someone who is and you will be another in the millions of happy & satisfied Glock users.
Gee thanks for the unwanted input there buddy. Limp wristing? I guess the armorer at glock are limp wristing as well huh? They deemed the pistol unsafe and they are replacing it. As towards the brass, your right I don't know squat about the nomenclature of the round nor do I care to, I had just never seen brass scorched like that from any of my other glocks. Not going to try to plead or impress anyone with how long or how much I have been shooting. Thanks for the advice though

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