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I'm sorry I have reason to post in this thread, but here goes.

My 1 week old G19, Gen 3, TTLxxx, August 30, 2012, new style non dip extractor, has the BTF bug. I've got 250 rounds through her and get BTF about 5% if the time. It's all been shot indoors. Had the wifey spot for me the last 70 rounds. It's the real deal, not cases bouncing off of the range partitions.

Anyway, swapped the extractor, load bearing and spring, and safety plunger and spring with my 2005 G17. I'll report back with the results Saturday.

Scratch the above idea, just ordered a Gen 4 30274 ejector to try. Will report back after the range test.
Range Report

Haven't received the 30274 ejector that I ordered 2 days ago, so took the Gen 3 19, TTL***, to the range with the load bearing / spring, safety plunger / spring, extractor from my 2005 G17.

After 100 rounds, 50 Blazer aluminum and 50 Win NATO, I had no BTF and all cases ejected to the right. Next is to add the original load bearing / spring back. I think it's the original non-dipped extractor causing BTF's. Testing will tell.
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