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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Still playing up to and following others. You do it on the internet, I bet you do it in life as well. Must suck to be you. I mean, you're such a lemming...
I'm sorry what do you mean by "still" i have less than 200 post and have never conversed with you before. How in the hell do you even have a previous opinion of me or my character.

Unlike you, I have the ability to recognize that others may be in position where their knowledge of a particular topic may surpass my own. And allowing them to debate said topic would be far more fruitful. you call it being a lemming I call it humility. Your self assurance on the other hand is so overly inflated that I really do believe you suffer from a mental disorder( That's not a joke or an insult,given the way you act I have serious concerns for you mental health).... but yes in real life as well I am capable of recognizing when others may be deserving of my respect, and believe that their opinions carry a high degree of creditability( again i must be such a lemming ). I do not walk around this earth believing that I am the undisputed expert on every topic or that my intelligence is somehow vastly superior to everyone else.You know for a christian, you have absolutely no concept of how to be humble.

My post did not address the bible but instead your arrogance and inability to participate in a rational discussion in which you may actually have to admit that your unqualified opinions are not indisputable. Or did that online school of yours make you an expert in physics to the point where you can totally dismiss the theories of PhD physicist on the formation of stars. Clearly you are just so much smarter than the rest of us .

When provided evidence you dismiss it out of hand. while casting baseless insults at just about everyone in a attempt to distract from the point that you haven't actually provided any actual evidence yourself. your explanations sound like something that could be found on the show "ancient aliens". Proof doesn't constitute statements like "may" or "isn't it possible". you're simply creating highly unlikely yet marginally possible scenarios out of thin air without actual proof that's what happened. yet you assume that that it is EXACTLY what happened, and that your theory is unquestionable. Allowing you to hold onto your preconceived idea of the truth. That's not proof, its a wild ass guess as to what may have happened completely lacking in evidence to support it...

Btw Claiming God made a donkey talk IS NOT ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC PROOF that any donkey ever talked.

"must suck to be you"- No I'm fairly awesome and rather content with my life. Religious Issues
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