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Originally Posted by 9mmdude View Post
Took my fixed (Glock replaced the ejector) Gen417 to the range today for the second outing since it was replaced. Round count now 2050 rounds.

After a couple of boxes of WWB I started shooting blazer brass. Out of the blue after nearly 500 trouble free rounds since the ejector replacement, the brass to the face started. It wasn't every couple of rounds, it was EVERY round hitting me in the forehead and face. It got so bad I had to stop shooting.

The damn thing even fed Federal Champion last range session. I am very frustrated.
this is what pisses me off to no end......

you spend $$$$$$ on your gun/ammo and it starts with BTF, you send it off to get it "fixed", spend more $$$$$$$$$$ on ammo only to find out after ANOTHER 500 rounds its doing the same damn thing........

do what i did, sell that POS and buy a XD, MP, Sig, Beretta, or whatever and quit spending money on these damn glocks.....

you will be a lot happier, at least i am!!!!!
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