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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Nether my faith in creation, nor your faith in creation, can be tested empirically utilizing either the historical sciences or clinical sciences, which is why it is called faith.
You are 100% wrong. We have stone tools that have been found with animal bone remains with stone tool markings on them that correspond to the tool itself(early man was using these stone hand axes to crack open bones to get at the nutritious marrow) that date back 2.5 million years. This is the age of the remains... not the tool mind you. And not just a rock... a hand axe. A stone that had been shaped and altered to be used as a tool. This is a level of intelligence not possessed by animals that have been observed using rocks and sticks to smash open fruits, shells, and bones. This is just some of our earliest findings mind you. There are far more findings of man's use of tools that go FAR beyong 20K years. That go FAR beyond 500K years. That go FAR beyond 1 Million years. This Earth is not young.

Now you can question carbon dating all you want. It only provides further evidence that you are an ignoramus and highly uneducated. This is simply a fact and cannot be escaped.
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