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Originally Posted by carloglock19 View Post
I have the SA/DA (P30S) and at first I thought I wanted the LEM version. The P30S had all the features I liked so I chose what worked for me. Try both if you can and see how you like the controls or lack thereof. The trigger pull is not too bad in DA just have to preactice if you are going to take that first shot in DA. I highly recommend you try both versions if you can and get a feel for each. Good luck!
I agree all my HK's are TDA with safeties as my first USP many year's back. My first shot i simply use a press out and it's just how i like mine. Plus can carry condition one if i ever choose to. I see why so many carry a 1911 that way!! I have done some testing drawing and it's fast even for a rookie...spend time and i know it would be a superd carry method!!

The target below was ~21ft shooting Fed. 9mm BPLE. I was in the wood's across from my house shooting at a medium speed,
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I carry my P30s some but my HK45c the most. Same distance above but faster as a storm was coming. GoldDot's 230gr. The first high shot was my press out...
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