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I've found that polishing the internals on a Glock yields little difference in most cases. The only time it's really noticeable is when the internals are really rough from tool marks or the like.

All you need to do the polishing is some fine polish and q-tips. In extreme cases, some 2,000 grit sand paper and honing oil works great.

The area of the trigger bar that the OP polished is the one area that I stay away from. It's a good measure of safety. In all the Glocks I've had apart, the interface between the striker and trigger bar is usually shiny and smooth with in a few range sessions and no amount of polishing is going to make it any smoother than it already is when it's like that.

The OP will be ok with a new trigger bar. He might also want to get the orange slide cover from Glock to inspect the area in question BEFORE he takes the gun to the range. There should be no less than 2/3 contact between the trigger bar and striker.
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