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since 1995 or 1996??? I have taken one Texas whitetail doe with a 9mm, two with a .40.

I have taken two cull doe every year since '95 or 96' with two glock 20s. One gen 2 and one gen 3. I have just put a new 6" barrel on my gen 2 and got a new Wolf barrel for my gen 3 to shoot heavy lead cast bullets for big pigs

All shots were within 20 yds and all double lungs. I wait till I get the shot I want. the last thing I look at is the angle the wound channel will be.

I post ya pic of the glocks as soon as I figure the process out

Texas, I luv you

ps I know I ansered a question you didn't ask. If I was serious about deer hunting (and I am), I go with the Glock 20

lets see if I have this down yet

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