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Originally Posted by ET. View Post
Idiot Mark...
My ex brother-in-law's name is Mark. He is definitely an Idiot Mark.

I have 2 1911's and shoot them often at our lgs range with my friends. If I showed up with a 1911 with an idiot mark on it, I would never live it down. Even if I didn't put the mark on the gun, it would still reflect poorly on me. People see the mark & just assume the owner is an idiot. It is very easy to find 1911's that don't have the mark on them. Why would I put myself through the humiliation of owning one that does have the 1911 mark of dishonor? I wouldn't...
If you are that concerned about how others view you and your weapons, you need some self-esteem.

Anyways, I own a single 1911 with an idiot mark. Its very faint, but its there. All my others dont have one, because i owned them all from new. However, when I buy a gun for a specific purpose, like competition, I could care less. Its going to see a ton of rounds and get shot to hell anyway. Bounced around inside a case and range bag, laid out on shooting benches etc. No big deal.
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