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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
The funny thing is even drunk, tired, and disinterested I am more than capable of guessing your next move. I'm simply using you as my show is over and there's nothing on tv. It's way to early to go to bed and I still have half a battery left in the laptop. Actually 30% left.

I don't know why you're so resistant to proper technique and training. Is it insucurity that you won't measure up?

I'm not joking at all. I hope you get banned. The site would be better off w/o you.
I'm a healthy adult son.

"Measuring up" is the juvenile's perspective. Worrying about how you can kill someone fast and furious like, is the psycho's perspective. I have a life that I value far more than any barbs you could possibly throw out.

I don't sit around worrying about what boogeyman lurks around the next corner. I work, love and produce things other than paranoia and hatred. I practice tennis instead of death and destruction. And I most certainly do not wish that I had the opportunity to blow people away, because I have to prove myself as a man, do so in order to measure myself as a man.
Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519 BC 430 BC) Power should only be given to those that want it least.

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