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Originally Posted by M&P15T View Post
No, I don't fail to grasp your point.

I can defend myself. Better than probably 99% of the people around me in a several block radius. But then I live very close to the Pentagon, so I really can't extend that radius too far.

What I don't do is live in fear of non-existant threats, I just try to focus on the real ones. I'm in a safe area, with enough cops around that the likelyhood of anything bad happening without a swift and furious LEO response is seriously, seriously low. I face far more danger of getting in an auto-accident, or getting food poisening, than urban combat. I'm more worried about using my seat-belt and watching out for bad drivers, rather than looking for the boogeyman lurking in the parking lot that would chose me as his potential vicitim, and not the young females walking around everywhere.

Bad things can happen anywhere, no doubt about it. But there are percentages, statistics and likelyhoods that normal folks understand.

This isn't Detroit or St. Louis, and I'm not gonna open-carry my AR around.
Recent stats on crime STDs etc. concerning St. Louis have been falsely reported by the media. St Louis is among the few remaining large cities in the US that have not merged the city and the county. It is no different than any other Midwest city with 2-3 million people in the GREATER municipal region. I've spent time in cities coast to coast and live in St Louis near a lovely park. The city is rich with culture, good dining and safe fun neighborhoods. Sure there are tough, nasty places BUT it is not out of proportion with other cities it SHOULD be classed with.
If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion. Noam Chomsky

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