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Gen 3 - G23...(only Generation I have in all five Glocks. More by chance than by choice - but a great choice). Best overall balance of real-world factors. And looks like I'm not alone in this regard, but I can certainly see the logic behind many of the other Glock models listed.

That G23 would certainly fit the needs of both a CCW, and duty pistol, but if you count CCW only, my G36 would be the favorite. I jot down on my calendar what pistol I carry on that day, and the G36 is carried only slightly more often than the G39,with the Ruger LCP coming in third.

Perhaps I'm one of the few who keeps such records (also other significant daily events), but I enjoy the stats regarding what I bodily tote for CCW since I started back in 2008. Try it - you may like it. Cheers.
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