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Originally Posted by 3rdgen40 View Post
A 1911 with an "idiot scratch" makes me wonder if the internals have been jacked with by someone that can't put the slide stop back in without gouging the frame.
I can tell you the the "idiot mark" cause by the improper reinstalling the slide stop does cost $100 off.

I have bought several 1911 with such a mark off of Gun Broker well below what the pistol would have brought.

On stainless steel I just buff it out and go on. However, when I was looking for a Smith & Wesson 945 there was one with the same idiot mark! I think it is still on Gun Broker. I later found one below the asking price without the idiot mark. I bought that one.

My point is that idiot marks on Kimbers and Springfield will cost you. Idiot marks on Les Baer, Wilson, Guncrafter and other premium 1911's will cost you sales. People that buy those expect the people that own premium know how not to screw them up. It is just easier to keep shopping and find one that was treated correctly. Buyers will pay for that.
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