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Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
Now, now PW,

Don't go breaking your own rule. Let's focus on the contradictions of Luke until we exhaust the topic.
With you I will, but yet excuse me, but your moniker on GT is Animal Mother, namely, your moniker is not "Lone Wolf8634," so understanding, I was addressing Lone Wolf8634 on THE RULE: Only ONE item, topic, subject and or theme at a time please.

You see -am-, in my estimation, you're an internet thread dilbert that wants to dominate and control every facet of the threads you decide to participate in. Sorry charlie, not gonna happen here. Just look at how you have responded in the single thread. I have addressed others and you have consistently "grabbed our interactions" as if they were yours. I'll get to you, I promise, as my usual practice is to get to every authentic response, but your an idiot if you think I am going let you control the direction or theme of this thread. Back up, wait your turn, and deal with it. Capisce?!?
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