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I'm a little late to this party here but I did want to chime in on this discussion. The other day I was just wandering around my house and thinking; "just how secure is this place?" If the SHTF or we end up with a WROL situation is this man's home really his castle? No mote... no draw bridge... no thick stone walls, man I could really be in deep "do-do" if it every gets bad. Regardless of whether it is a result of weather related disaster, total social/economic breakdown or just a few punks trying to score some of your stuff at 3:00 am in the morning. Can my house withstand any of that?

You folks have given me some really good advice to sure up the old home-stead here. I also realize that my home is not a medieval castle but a home built in 2004, so I have some protection, insulation and a "measure" of security. Also to try to plan for every contingency is unrealistic at this point in the game but I have made some improvements.

Warp covered much of what I have done;

"This is in addition to basics like keeping windows and doors locked/secured, having a big dog, proper exterior lighting, good locks, a locally monitored alarm with sensors on all doors/windows, etc. Our front door has sidelights so the dead bolt is a double cylinder with multiple keys kept within reach (from the inside)"

I can't say enough about getting a dog! They sense and hear things that you and I are not capable of and are fearless about protecting their turf... It's a dog thing.

As far as the discussion about a gun safe - something is better that nothing, but if you have the means, invest in a good secure safe!
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