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Originally Posted by pal2511 View Post
My wife's old laptop that has a celeron in it takes forever to boot up. Some days I swear its a 200 rpm hard drive

I want to get her a hard drive for cheap and I already have an Intel 520 drive but don't know if those are the top of the line anymore.
I know just enough about computers to be dangerous.

Go to and see what kind of drives and memory are available for your particular laptop.

Make sure you run scans (I like malwarebytes) to see if you are clogged with malware. I also like Microsoft Security Essentials for anti virus that runs very quiet and doesn't use a lot of resources in the background.

What operating system are you using? I know I have read a lot of good things about Lubuntu for older computers. Might want to read up on that as well.

I have seen basic laptops, brand new, in the 300 dollar range. Depending on what you need, it might be cheaper and easier to get her a new system.

Good luck.
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