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henry is the best company you will ever deal with, they will treat you like family, I bought a standard 22 that had a bad barrel crown, contacted them about it, and the president of the company(yea the head cheese) phoned me back within about 30min, told me he would have ups at my door to pick it up the next day, and they did and he sent me out a new rifle the day I called, I got it via ups in 3 days, but what he sent me back was not the standard rifle I had bought but there top of the line, brass reciever octogon barreled presentation model complete with gold enlayed lettering and every part that wasnt wood was brass ecp the octogon barrel, and it was a tack driver, the only bad part about the deal is the rifle is so beutiful I dont want to shoot it, I just want to hang it over the fireplace, its a pc of art work, so if you go with the henry you will be dealing with one of the best if not the best gun maker in the USA
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