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Originally Posted by ithaca_deerslayer View Post
Sounds right to me, but some took offense at your statement.

An analogy would be hunting accuracy.

My Savage sporter .30-06 kicks hard, has a crappy trigger, and doesn't like to go under 2" groups at the bench, for 100 yards. It has hunting accuracy

My Savage 10FP .308 lives under 1" at the bench, but is heavy and awkward in the field.

If most of my hunting opportunities are 50 yards in the woods, I don't need benchrest accuracy. A 2" accurate gun is good enough. As long as it is easy to carry all day and quick to point and allows me to hit the vitals, hunting accuracy is all I need
Do you practice away from the bench?

If you do, do you only practice at 50yds because that is the "average" shot?
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