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Originally Posted by sebecman View Post
My friends safe weighed 1000 pounds empty and took 3 of us 10 minutes to move it into his house with a refridgerator dolly.

I suspect it would take 3 men 10 minutes to move it out as well.
Correct. My point was to indicate the weight instead of allowing an assumption of "a few hundred pounds" equals "300 to 500 pounds".

You would have to find the correct property/house.

You would have to obtain access to the house.

You would have to find it at the house.

You would have to open it and then use some special tools to allow it to be moved.

If you can open it, why not just take the contents?

Yes, all my plans have once again been overcome by GTSP.

I was hoping everyone would just be happy stealing the electronics.

If you take the safe(s), will you also take the "stuffed mattresses"?

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