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Originally Posted by cciman View Post
Pushing straight in has never worked for me. I've owned several 1911's, none would push directly straight in, even pushing very hard, even up and in.-- the plunger always gets stuck under the stop in some fashion or another. I've always had to use a tool push back the plunger.
Each 1911 would have its own sweet spot and you simply have to find it.

Some of mine are undersized (or oversized) that it would require a rap of a rubber mallet to get the slide release lever to go in, but yes, it does go in straight without the need to swing or twist around.

When I was an pro-temp armorer for my unit, I simply didn't give a damn about the idiot mark because a) it doesn't hurt the gun, and b) it ain't my gun.

Nowadays, I own a handful of these suckers and I'd try my damndest not to get an idiot mark on the new ones. The used ones, I can't do much about. It's weird because I'm not afraid of scratching them up while packing or playing at the range, but the idiot mark drives me nuts.
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